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Iron Golem Farm

Our recent placement of Villagers on the Endangered Species List had us researching means to repopulate and protect their natural habitats. The first task was a careful study of mating patterns and behavior as well as their natural predators and … Continue reading

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Villager Mechanics

Villager Mechanics changed in 1.8.  Villagers now farm and this is essential to self-reproduction.  Unfortunately, since the upgrade they have not been doing this and this has caused their slow extinction.  It took some time to discover that the farming … Continue reading

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Forge + OptiFine Tutorial on MineCraft 1.8

These work but a very specific procedure is required.  Follow this procedure or you will spend hours (like I already did) just to find out it only works this way. Java Classloading can get very complicated and technical even for … Continue reading

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Elegant House

Mi casa.

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Underground XP Farm

This is not your traditional XP farm.  First I didn’t want to use a “spawner”.  I understand that this is the new and easy way to generate mobs but it felt like cheating to me.  Further there wasn’t one where … Continue reading

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