Ivory Twin Towers

In sky (my little city) I was thinking it would be fun to create two towers that were exactly the same.  In no way where they to mimic the twin towers in NY, just two spires exactly the same next to each other for effect.  I decided to go round and have them taper up at each level and not use a single torch in the build.  Yes, that’s a ton of time gathering glow stone.

I built both towers in sandstone and then immediately regretted it.  The sand stone in the desert biome just blended right into the back ground.  The server admin and I talked and we decided that for this build, I could use a sign to replace every single brick with quartz from an admin sign (signs are where we can get basic materials created by an admin in survival mode).  I quickly went to work and love how the towers actually turned out in quartz.

One final note.  I ended up building part of the second tower over the water.  This was an interesting effect due to the rain falling on the river, even in the desert.  I had spent so much time in the desert I forgot what rain was like and how loud it can be.

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