One Detroit Center

Long ago I worked for a company whose offices were located in One Detroit Center, now known as Comerica Tower, in downtown Detroit.  I always liked the building because of the “mullet” effect it had with business (boring) most of the way up and party on top!  A little modern a little gothic like it belonged in Ghost Busters.

From Wikipedia:

“One Detroit Center is a skyscraper and class-A office building located downtown which overlooks the Detroit Financial District. Rising 619 feet (189 m), the 43-story tower is the tallest office building in Michigan, and the second tallest overall in the state behind the central hotel tower of the Renaissance Center, located a few blocks away”

My Minecraft building follows the same principles of the original on the outside, especially at the top.  It was hard to get good pictures of the base but hopefully I am close enough.

Inside, like many of my buildings, I took great liberties and created a lava flow from the very top all the way down to the bottom.  I also created a sitting area including a Green and White couch (Go Spartans!) and lighting.

This part doesn’t exist in real live at all in Detroit, but I did add a small park out front with trees and benches.  Creating a grass field in the middle of the desert is MUCH harder than you think.  But two creeper explosions later I had a nice little area in front of the building.

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