Server Information


You must be whitelisted to logon.  Please contact one of the server administrators to whitelist your MineCraft user ID.

Server Commands / Plugins

On AZ Crew MC we use several plugins to improve the playing experience.  The main plugins are listed here for your information if you wish to know more about their capabilities.  Additionally there is a summary of the most useful/helpful commands for the player.

Plugin List

Common Commands for the Player

/homeWill take to your pre-set home location. Even if you are in a different world
/sethomeSets your home location (/home)
/mv tp creativeMultiVerse plugin command. Will teleport you to the 'creative' world.
/lp user [player] parent add adminLuckPerm plugin: Will set your active group to Administrators (if you have permission to do so). Administrators has some different behavior - see below.
/lp user [player] parent remove adminLuckPerm plugin: Remove admin mode and revert to normal play
/kitsLists the Free kits that are available to you. Each kit is typically available once per 24 hours.
/kit [kitname]Get the kit.
/warpsLists the Warp Locations that you can use
/warp [warpname]Warps the player instantly to that warp location
/setwarp [warpname]Administrator: Sets a new warp location with the given name at your location.
/delwarp [warpname]Administrator: Deletes a warp location with the given name.
/flyAll players can fly. If you wish to tell your children about this you can.
/tp [player]Administrator: Will teleport you to the player specified
/tp [x] [y] [z]Administrator: Will teleport you to the provided coordinates.
/tphere [player]Administrator: Will teleport player to your location.
/tpahereAdministrator: Will teleport _all_ players to your location.
/godAdministrator: Invulnerability.
/op [player]Administrator: Enter "root". Careful!
/deop [player]Administrator: Exit "root".
/lp editorAdministrator: Enter the LuckPerm web editor for permissions editing.
/gamemodeAdministrator: survival | creative
/gameruleAdministrator: these changes are stored with the world so they are permanent if you leave them that way.
/difficultyAdministrator: peaceful | easy | normal | hard
/give [Player] [item] Administrator:
/moreAdministrator: More of whatever you are holding


For very common building materials we allow the creation of special “signs”.  To activate these signs you Right-Click on the sign (like a door).

These are regular signs that when you click on them they open up a virtual chest full of stacks of the building material.  A “[Free] Cobblestone” sign means you can take as much Cobble from here as you like and it will be infinitely available.  The point of this is that you don’t have to go ravaging the countryside just to get a lot of basic building materials.

Other special signs:

  • [Free] – <item>; Unlimited amounts of whatever the item is.
  • [Disposal];  Put stuff in here and its gone forever.  More convenient than dropping a bunch of stuff.
  • [Warp] – <warpname>;  Will warp you to the location.  Same as /warp command.

Special signs are shown with blue letters in square brackets.


Please see this excellent tutorial on how to use Lockette.


One of the negatives, I think, of 1.8 was a change they made to Enchanting.  It now consumes Lapis Lazuli.  I think this is a terrible change as Lapis is far too rare.  This may make sense on some servers but for here it’s just not good.  This plugin eliminates the need for Lapis to Enchant.


  • We do not tolerate Griefing.  Please explain to your children what this is.  Clearly mistakes can happen and we are understanding and tolerant.
  • If you would like a warp point set to something awesome you’ve built, let the adminstrators know and we’ll set one.  Though you’ll probably get visitors taking a look!
  • Respect other person’s builds.  Don’t build immediately next to/on/around unless invited.
  • When in Administrator mode, you will not be targeted by mobs.
  • Please don’t go wantonly destroying landscape just for the heck of it.  It’s fine if your doing something and you need to level it out, etc.  But let’s keep our world pretty.  If you want to play with TNT cannons and destruction you can do so to your heart’s content in the creative world.
  • Don’t kill all the animals that are roaming free.  We like our animals.
  • Creeper explosions do not destroy blocks and Enderman will not pick up blocks so your constructions are safe from mob griefing.

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