Client Mods We Like

Suggested Resource Packs

I highly suggest using Forge and OptiFine.  Forge makes managing your profile/mods a breeze and OptiFine can easily double your framerates.  Both are a easy to install and use.

  • Faithful32:  A higher-res version of the default Minecraft pack.  It is very refined and nice and yet faithful to the original pack.  It is surprisingly very pleasing and still very fast.  There are other Faithful products from the Faithful Team.
  • Dramatic Skys:  Doesn’t change any block textures, only affects your skies and the lighting model.  Better yet, it doesn’t slow anything down.  Highly recommended.  Be sure to use this at the first slot so that it isn’t overridden by skies from other packs.
  • Veristicraft:  This is my new favorite.  It’s a nice realistic and beautiful pack and yet still quite fast.  With Dynamic Skys 2nd and Faithful as third (for the font) it’s just downright awesome.
  • Misa HD:  This is a classic and very handsome.  And has been recently continued.  The actual pack comes in two files:  the original discontinued pack and pack that fills in all the missing textures to bring it current.

Client Mods

  • Forge:  Many mods require Forge.  Think of Forge as an API exposing some of the client fundamental structures in more standard way.  This makes it very attractive to mod developers as they are insulated from changes by Mojang.  It is advised that you install Forge first, then OptiFine, then any other mods you like.
  • OptiFine:  Just plain awesome. Guaranteed to improve any Minecraft experience.  


  • TabbyChat:  Let’s be frank.  The default Chat functionality is abysmal and for some reason they show no intents on making it better.  This mod is a boon to crappy chat mechanics.  It could still be better but it helps.  Requires Forge.  This is a little beta and to help you I’ve provided a few links to make it easier to get what you need as I had some trouble initially.  This was a popular mod that was discontinued for awhile but recently updated with new maintainers.
    • Download Link:  You need the TabbyChat.jar (2.0.0-beta2a) and the MnM-Utils.jar (0.2.0).  Set the order if applicable to load MnM-Utils first.
    • Discussion Forum
    • TabbyChat Wiki:  This wiki documentation is from the previous maintainer but there is a lot of content about using the advanced features of TabbyChat.
  • Zan’s Minimap: aka VoxelMap.  The mod scene is sometimes challenging keeping up-to-date on plugin versions and various loaders/patchers, etc.  Unfortunately, for 1.8 only LiteLoader is supported/required.  But don’t worry!  It’s painless and is completely compatible with Forge and Magic Launcher.
    • Install LiteLoader.  Like Forge this makes a new profile and modifies the MineCraft JAR (see Forge+OptiFine Tutorial).
    • Place the Zan’s Minimap mod (.litemod file) into your “.minecraft/mods” folder. Done!


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